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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Murderers of Darren Ng Wei Jie

The three charged are 21-year-old Tang Jia Min, 20-year-old Ho Wui Ming and 19-year-old Chen Wei Zhen.

Read more about the news here, Or google it.

With alleged accomplice, 18-year-old Edward Tay Wei Loong has not been charged yet.

Photos from and Ying Zi

Thousands turned up for Darren Ng Wei Jie's funeral.

20 Year old Ho Wui Ming, Pending death penalty.

His Facebook account.
Screen shot 2010-11-03 at PM 03.43.50

you've broken the 10 commandments! You better pray hard while being locked-up before your sentence is executed.
Screen shot 2010-11-03 at PM 03.44.02

The other 2 murderers. Couldn't find their Facebook accounts, If you know their account link, please give me ok!

One thing keeps me and others wondering, Where's the rest of the pack of wolves still out there?

Screen shot 2010-11-03 at PM 03.48.37

In my humble opinion, a staring game, is really something lame.
Chasing and killing someone over a stare? Even lamer.
Getting arrested for killing someone over a stare, and getting your ass in prison pending for death penalty? That's the lamest news I've ever heard.

Just what form of heroism is shown here? At what cost?

You guys are like 18years old and older already, You should know better about killing and staring, Not that I want to lecture you, But there's really better things to do than to hang around Downtown East staring at strangers.

And so what if you get stared at? Why not just look away or smile back? eh, actually smiling back might make you look like you're "Ahm Chio-ing" back at them, So, look away, pretend you saw nothing.

Next time you see a guy running, screaming and hitting into a glass panel, Please help ok?

But don't be a

少 年 英 雄

Teen Hero

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