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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Tiger/Guinness

Plugging in for Tiger and Guinness beer, both my favorite local beers, through APB.

I was at a press conference for some upcoming events this Lunar new year, Where Tiger and Guinness were showcasing their latest goodies for the upcoming Year of the Rabbit.

Some awesome looking Rabbit decorative pieces, You can attain them buy purchasing some beer off supermarkets.

Including a chance to win this actual Piece of pure Gold brick, worth probably around $70k.

While Guinness on the other hand, this beautiful box, very useful for showing off when relatives visit.

You basically hide some great stout beer underneath.

and hide snacks under the beer, ahahahha, no you can't hide any more things.

And speaking of Tiger, they are running a contest whereby you choose your favorite Chinese New Year dish to go with the beer, I chose the Roast Pig, come on, you all know the reason.
Click here to go to the page. Be quick, contest closes on the 30th of Jan 2011
Screen shot 2011-01-12 at PM 11.24.24

And coming up this 11th of February 2011, Tiger has organised a waterfront dinner, Tiger Lunar Extravaganza, Tickets only at $88, with free flow of beer.

You can book the tickets through this link, Take note, you've gotta be above 18years of age.

The best part is, you're dining at The Promontry, with a 15course meal, and with FREE FLOW OF BEER, wait, I said that twice?

Celebrate with me there ok? and have some Togetherness ok? (Ju, Character shown below)
Screen shot 2011-01-13 at AM 12.34.00
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