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Monday, November 21, 2011

Why I love my HTC Sensation.

This is random, not a sponsored post, but I've been a proud owner of a HTC Sensation since july this year, lots of people questioned me when I chose to get this instead of the iPhone.

The one thing I didn't liked about iOS, it's too simplified, yes it's good for kids and old people, but for a geekier side of me, no, I would rather have a more sophisticated phone.

As an occasional iOS user, full-time Mac OS X user, and 24/7 android user.
I agree both iOS and Mac OS X "Just works", but for a mobile iOS device, Android is the answer for people who would rather have more options to choose what they want.

Android pretty much gets along with me, the dashboard/homescreen is amazing and allows customization so I can choose to see what I want the moment I unlock my phone. Whereas for iOS, it's just a plain screen with bunch of apps.

There's no way to configure the Apple iPhone camera even, no way to configure to optimize certain usage.
Screen shot 2011-11-20 at PM 09.50.27

With Android, you get to customize it, filter the images/videos with effects.

I've even hot-glued a custom tripod mount, and detachable lens mount to my phone casing for more photo/videography experiences.

With the support of a mini-tripod, and a macro lens, I've been able to take these few amazing shots with the correct settings.

Dust particles.

A beautiful sunset in the heartlands.

And occasionally some silly videos.(That's a HTC EVO 3D, that's how it pretty much looks when 3D frames are "captured"in 2D, argh it's complicated.)

But what about battery life? We all know smart phone batteries all suck, all thanks to the higher processing powers and demanding screens, iPhone or not, we all would run out of juice within 10hours for the "usual" twitter, facebook users.

That is inevitable for now, the only way to prevent a dead battery, is a mini portable USB charger(mine's 5000mAH, 3days worth of juice) with a retractable USB cable.

It might get a little tedious to carry the portable battery around if you don't have a bag with you, but hey, it still beats carrying multiple devices that don't connect to the internet, right?
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Kelvin Ang said... November 21, 2011 at 8:17 AM


I beg to differ when you say that the iPhone is for kids and old people. I was skeptical of the phone when I got it but now I love the iphone.

I agree that there is no good way to customized the iphone dashboard unless you jailbreak. This is one part of Jobs idea. He wants to control the user experience. By having the user being able to change or customize the screen, it detracts from what Apple wants you to experience. But of course, there are other advantages of being able to customize.

For photography, there are TONS of photography apps for adding in filters for photographs. I love the Camera+ app on the iphone and the filters are damn good.

If you are into physical filters, check this out.

It is a holga made filter for the iphone.

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