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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Yet another Food Trail with Omy - Bugis+ Part 1

Once again, I had another chance to gorge myself with great food around Singapore, and this time I'll be food from Bugis+ (Formerly known as iluma)

Don't forget to check out my previous food trails, I guess Omy is the reason why I'm not losing weight.....

Photos with logo by Omy.

Our first stop, Taipei Station

Our first stop with all the rest of the local bloggers.

The cosy cafe with stools all over.
2013-03-02 11.18.31 - Version 2

One of my favorite by Taipei Station(台北站), Cheese Crispy Chicken 乳酪鸡排

DSC08198 - Version 2

Indeed, cheesy and crispy, with heavily coated skins, one of the best foods you can ever attempt to smuggle into cinemas too!
DSC08201 - Version 2

Original Crispy Chicken 香炸盐酥鸡排
DSC08199 - Version 2

Close up of the Original Crispy chicken.
DSC08202 - Version 2

Crispy Tempura 香炸盐酥甜不辣, Fried pumpkins I think.

DSC08200 - Version 2

Also great for smuggling into cinemas.

DSC08203 - Version 2

Another interesting item on the menu, fried vegetables, but I still prefer my broccoli steamed or poached instead.
DSC08204 - Version 2

Some other more filling items available are Braised pork with jasmine rice and Oyster Mee Sua, also one of young singaporeans favorite.
DSC08206 - Version 2

And not forgetting Taiwan bubble teas.
DSC08207 - Version 2

Taipei Station(台北站)

201 Victoria Street
#04-03 Bugis+
Singapore 188067

Our Second place to eat on the list, Laksania

DSC08209 - Version 2

The very kind ladyboss(I suppose) introducing us to the variants of Laksa found around the region of South East Asia, from Singapore to Borneo.

Sarawak Laksa
DSC08220 - Version 2

Close up of Sarawak Laksa
DSC08227 - Version 2

Singapore Laksa
DSC08222 - Version 2

The variant of Laksa found commonly around Singapore, still my favorite, especially with lots of cockles.
DSC08225 - Version 2

Kelantan Laksa
DSC08212 - Version 2

DSC08214 - Version 2

Another nice item on the menu, Chicken satays, thick and juicy, served without the common Satay peanut sauce, I have no idea what that deliciou sauce was.
DSC08216 - Version 2

DSC08218 - Version 2

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 2.25.02 PM

Laksania is also available at 3 locations in Singapore as follows.

Nex Mall
23 Serangoon Central
Singapore 556083
Tel:+65 6634 2645

201 Victoria Street
Singapore 188067
Tel:+65 6636 9776

East Coast
382 East Coast Road
Singapore 428987
Tel:+65 6346 2026

The third station, Crystal Jade HK Cafe IN
DSC08228 - Version 2

I forgot to take a photo of the exterior, but anyways, Crystal Jade provided one for me.
C-Jade HK Cafe IN - Exterior

Our starter, Old time Hong Kong Biscuit with malt sugar as filling, a luxury snack for hongkie kids as a snack back in the 60s.
DSC08233 - Version 2

as well as the Chilled Hong Kong Milk Tea, dramatically presented to your table with dry ice in the hollow segment of the vase, sibeh gao gao and thick milk tea. Price : S$3.90
DSC08237 - Version 2

Crispy Macau pork chop bun, a fusion between eastern and western cuisine, a burger set in short. served with fried pork chop, sliced cucumber, tomato, lettuce and crispy bean curd skin.

Price: S$4.80
DSC08238 - Version 2

Corned beef and cheese toast. (accidentally ate one without taking photo, costs S$4.80 for 4toast)
DSC08242 - Version 2

Probably my favorite of all, Deep-fried Spring Chicken with lemongrass. S$8.80(half) S$16.80(whole chicken)
DSC08244 - Version 2

Juicy juicy chicken.
DSC08245 - Version 2

Another closer look to make you drool, no matter which part of the chicken, it's all tender and great tasting.

DSC08246 - Version 2

Hong Kong Cart Noodles, filled with pretty much what you are able to think of, cuttlefish, fishball, chicken sausages, at only S$4.00.
DSC08248 - Version 2

Our local bloggers habit, thousands of photos first before eating, while I already started eating.
DSC08234 - Version 2

Crystal Jade HK Café
Bugis+ #04-05
T (65) 6509 9698

This is the end of part 1 of my food trail at Bugis+ , I'll continue the rest within the week if time allows. :)


 Part 2 available now! Link

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